Local Station Closures

Opinion piece on the closure of local stations around the country.

Whilst I've known it to be coming for some time, it's still extremely sad to hear confirmation about the end of Peak FM as well as 49 other local FM licenses.

It's so sad to be losing more and more local radio, along with the connections to their communities all across the country. Especially having seen the great work these stations have done to be at the centre of helping their areas during these tough times.

It seems surreal that the station I've grown up listening too, is to come to an end this September. I want to thank all the current and past staff at Peak FM for creating loads of amazing local radio, as well as all the work you've done to help the local people of Chesterfield.

From listening to Peak FM on my way to and way home from primary school, right through to listening to this day, I've grown up listening to the station, and the station most certainly aided in the creation of my love for radio.

Thank you to everyone at Peak FM past and present.

I however do want to end this post, wishing everyone the best of luck.

I hope everyone at the stations across the country that are due to close, are able to find a new home in radio.

I wish the team at The Greatest Hits a great success with their expansion across the wireless groups frequencies.

And I wish community stations across all the broadcast regions of these soon to be ex local stations the best of luck at becoming the centre of the community.

Local Radio is as important as ever in this day and age. It is so sad to see them all disappearing one by one.

For anyone wanting to read more about this, check out the Radio Today article: